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Project Management (KPM/PM)

Credits: 5
Semestr: Winter
Guarantors: 'Doc. Ing. Jiří Vacek, Ph.D.'
Prerequisite courses
Preclusive courses:
Form of course completion: Exam

Course objectives:

The aim of this course is to: familiarize students with the development of project management, with system-, process- and knowledge approach to the project management, with basic terms, pre-project phase and feasibility study; familiarize students with definition of a project, project plans and elaboration of component plan types, with project management during the implementation phase, with communication-, quality-, and risk management, with performance definition and controlling methods used in the project management, with commercial activities and project completion phase; teach students basics of MS Project support software; students will be prepared to acquire the D-level certificate of the Project Management Association (member of International Project Management Association).

Guarantors and lecturers :