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Organising self study process (KMO/SPZD)

Credits: 3
Semestr: Winter
Guarantors: 'Ing. Hana Kunešová, Ph.D.'
Prerequisite courses
Preclusive courses:
Form of course completion: Pre-Exam Credit

Course objectives:

The aim of this course is to familiarize students with e-learning and provide them with basic experience in the field of ICT- enabled support for further education; to teach students to be able to look for and find information on the Internet and use relevant sources of information; to exercise training in looking for and using economic information sources, catalogues and selected specific economic databases; to familiarize students with rules for quoting sources and practise them in short exercises; to create practical experience in work with resources for further student's activities; to explicate the importance of learning in a knowledge society.

Guarantors and lecturers :