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Geosciences 1 (KGE/GEO1)

Credits: 3
Semestr: Winter
Garant: 'Doc. RNDr. Marie Novotná, CSc.'
Prerequisite courses
Preclusive courses:
Form of course completion: Exam

Course objectives:

The aim of this course is to provide a comprehensive introduction to the study of geography and to implant fundamental skills of perception of space and time in terms of geography. Further, the Earth as an object of study of geography will be presented and the role of geography in relation to the other geosciences will be determined. Students will learn to characterize the position of the Earth within the solar system and its location in the universe, to describe the basic geometry of the Earth, currently used coordinate systems and calculations on the reference sphere. The movements of the earth and moon and their impact on the geosphere will be explain. Students will be acquainted with apparent movements of the celestial bodies and their use in navigation. The topic of time, its measurement, determination of longitude and calendar will be analyzed. To acquaint students with the reference surfaces of the Earth, coordinate systems and principles of cartographic representation.

Guarantors and lecturers :