Center for Entrepreneurship and Sustainability

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  doc. Ing. Michaela KRECHOVSKÁ, Ph.D.


The main goal of the Center for Entrepreneurship at the Faculty of Economics of the University of West Bohemia in Pilsen is to contribute to the support and development of entrepreneurship activities, know-how and skills, and to improve the general status of entrepreneurial-oriented mindsets through its activities and exchange of knowledge.

We support the entrepreneurial spirit. Among our activities are following:
Information services, consultancy for students of the UWB.
Active cooperation and work with students, fostering their entrepreneurial mood and potential.
Cooperation, realization or participation on thematic workshops/seminars etc.
Support of socially responsible entrepreneurship.
Networking, connecting various groups of subjects.
Research activities within the topic of interest – entrepreneurship and relevant study fields.
Support and participation on thematic project activities.

One of the fundamental questions that the professional world of economics has often tried to answer is whether some people are simply “natural-born” entrepreneurs or whether a good entrepreneur is something a person becomes over his or her lifetime. We believe that each person is born with a certain natural intelligence, creativity and energy. We can look at these personal characteristics as a blank sheet of paper which can be gradually filled in by acquiring knowledge and experience as a person grows. It is our aim to provide support primarily to young people in finding an active business approach in their lives and thus helping them become independent and successful on their life journey.

We understand that especially the beginnings are often the most crucial and difficult part of these journeys. Not every idea can be transformed into a business concept that leads to success and personal fulfilment. As the saying goes, “fortune favors the bold”, and an entrepreneur should have just the right combination of hard and soft skills to make a breakthrough. Our activities include a focus on developing these necessary skills and characteristics while striving to provide the best possible services. Therefore, establishing cooperation across all departments of the Faculty of Economics is an obvious step that we have taken. Furthermore, we are closely connected to various educational, professional and other relevant institutions, as well as to representatives of various business entities.

Those who have yet to try their hand at enterprising or have never given the idea much thought at all can gain inspiration from the variety of activities we participate in. A good entrepreneur should be a good manager and at the same time should have a certain amount of humbleness, creativity, improvisation and drive to learn new things.

We also closely follow recent trends and developments in society. In terms of our activities, it is our goal to support socially responsible behaviour and enterprising which leads to sustainable social, economic and environmental profit.

We are aware of the differences that exist between theory and practice and we realize that both must somehow coexist. Therefore, the Center for Entrepreneurship also provides research activities in the area of entrepreneurship and support for it, including the area of socially responsible enterprising and so on. We strive to develop both basic and applied research to bring new knowledge and development to existing know-how on the subject. The Center for Entrepreneurship helps to share examples of best practices and allows for the transfer of knowledge and skills among the general public, the academic world of universities, and the field of business within individual countries.

The foundation of the Center for Entrepreneurship was initiated by one of the outcomes of the international research project titled “V4 Scientific Centres for the Enhancement of Financial Literacy and Entrepreneurship Education”, which was supported financially by the Visegrad Fund.


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