Visegrad Grant - Social media and trust building

Hlavní řešitel na FEK: Ing. Michal MIČÍK, Ph.D.
Číslo projektu:21830123
Poskytovatel:Visegrad Fund
Období řešení:2019-2020


Social media has become extremely popular because it allows people to connect in the online world and to form relationships for personal, political and business use. Online communication on social media may be affected by a variety of social factors impacting the development of mutual relationships. A key indicator of human interactions is trust, which is an issue of this project. This project will help towards trustbuilding on social media by increasing of awareness and resilience towards biased reporting and disinformation. Social media present possibilities for business, education, but also for casual conversation and acquiring information. On the other hand, there is a lot of people who deliberately spread fake news, post false accusations or in any other way parasitize on social media misuse for personal gain. Social media users face risks every day - hoax, fake news, misuse of personal data. This project aims to shed light on misuse of social media, show how to behave on social media to prevent becoming a subject of misuse and to build trust towards safe social media use. One of the additional objectives is educational aspect connected with developing a set of scenarios for students in V4 countries. The scenarios will focus on strengthening media competencies, namely, discerning fake media messages from the true ones. So far, there are no educational compendia addressed to V4 teachers, that would cover the issues of truth and false in media, based on meta-theoretical analysis of research results from PL, CZ, SK and HU.

Project partners:
Pedagogical University of Kraków (PL)
Szent István University, Gödöllő (HU)
Matej Bel University in Bánská Bystrica (SK)
University of South Bohemia in České Budějovice (CZ)

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