Creative entrepreneurship in ceramic regions – developing, educating, encouraging (CerDee)

Hlavní řešitel na FEK: Ing. Jan TLUČHOŘ, Ph.D.
Číslo projektu:CE1324
Období řešení:2019-2022



Webové stránky projektu / Website of the project

Ceramics are deeply rooted in our daily lives and quality products rely on creative designers that understand the materials and its functionalities. Central European regions have long-standing traditions and up-to-date knowledge in this field and offer entrepreneurial opportunities to many small and medium sized companies (SMEs). However, the economic potential of ceramics is still not fully exploited by regions and global competition is significantly threatening the sector. The CerDee project establishes a CCI network of knowledge institutes, SMEs, regions and a network of museums. The project will merge regional approaches for the first time. Partners will create a joint knowledge pool by assessing and mapping existing knowledge, approaches and economic potential of SMEs. They will develop cooperative and EU-wide applicable trainings and education & outreach activities for boosting entrepreneurial skills and the new knowledge base to regional creative SMEs. All activities are strongly supported and facilitated by up-to-date IT-tools to boost accessibility, skills development and marketing. A key output will be the virtual and overall accessible “City of Ceramics”. This will be a knowledge, marketing and cooperation hub for the central European ceramic CCI.

Lead Partner: Porzellanikon - Staatliches Museum für Porzellan in Hohenberg a. d. Eger / Selb