Completion of a mid-term evaluation of the Pilsen Metropolitan Area Strategy ITI’s implementation

Principal Investigator: Ing. Jarmila IRCINGOVÁ, Ph.D.


The goal of the evaluation was to assess the impact hitherto of interventions carried out within the Pilsen Metropolitan Area Strategy ITI from the beginning of its realization to December 31, 2018. The evaluation is divided into two main parts, of which the first part is focused on evaluating the processes of implementing the integrated strategy and the second on evaluation of the integrated strategy’s implementation. Based on evaluations, individual recommendations are formulated for changes/improvements on the part of the Managing Authorities of selected operational programmes, the Ministry for Regional Development, the mediating ITI subject (the Municipality of Pilsen), ITI promoters (City of Pilsen) or the authorized European Project Coordination Unit of the City of Pilsen, p.o. – abbreviated as EPCU), or for those applying for support of integrated projects.