Opportunities and potential of use of modern technologies in retail

Principal Investigator: Ing. Jan PETRTYL, Ph.D.
Project Number:SGS-2013-063
Grant awarded by:ZČU


The project is focused on issues dealing with usage of modern technology in retail to benefit the customer. Presented research will contain two basic fields of focus - companies and their costumers (present as well as potential ones). The core of the research is the field of technology utilization, which is exceptional from commonly used and from historical point of view classical, standard and verified ways of interaction with customers. The two points of view (customer and company) are included in the research because of existence of two basic market sides - supply and demand and visions of representatives of these sides and the way, progress and result of realization of exchange transaction and activities, which are preceding it, attending it or following it. One aspect of the problem is implementation of modern technologies as supportive and innovative element for modification of current marketing mix from the view of companies; the second one is willingness of customers to react positively to the solutions given and efficient application of it. The problem that needs to be given the most attention to is real and perceived contribution of already mentioned technologies to increase the effectiveness of the whole shopping process. Not only the view of company/customer will be included in the project, but the classic/electronic store differentiation will be covered as well.