Revitalization of urban centres of public spaces in the Czech Republic: problems, inspiration from abroad and possible solutions

Principal Investigator: doc. RNDr. Jiří JEŽEK, Ph.D.
Project Number:TL01000498
Grant awarded by:TA ČR


The goal of the project is to provide Czech cities with a practically applicable set of information and findings for effective interventions in the field of the revitalization of urban centres and selected public spaces, which will contribute to strengthening their attractiveness and competitiveness, especially against business centres on the cities’ peripheries. We will carry out a critical analysis of experience from abroad (examples of good practice), identify key problems and evaluate current trends influencing city centres in the Czech Republic (in an international perspective). Based on these findings, we will create a strategy of revitalization for 5 selected cities and propose a certified method that will serve as a manual on how to create such strategies, evaluate them and how to solve crucial problems. The project will take place in cooperation with the Faculty of Management of the University of Economics in Jindřichův Hradec.