Creation and innovation of study aids for selected subjects of follow-up study FEK

Principal Investigator: Ing. Martin JANUŠKA, Ph.D.
Project Number:PRVA-22-025
Grant awarded by:MŠMT


The project is focused on the innovation of the FEK UWB study offer for follow-up studies in connection with new accreditations of study programs. The study aids for the mentioned subjects will be designed to reflect the needs of current theory and practice in the context of the relevant study program. The mentioned subjects will meet the requirements for current trends in teaching and suitably supplement other subjects taught at FEK UWB within these study programs. The creation of these study aids will lead to the attractiveness and improvement of the FEK UWB study offer. The project will create or innovate study aids, scripts and textbooks for subjects KMO / VM Research Methods for Economists, KFU / EEM Environmental Economics and Management, KPM / APP - Business Process Analysis and KFU / AFU - Financial Accounting in English.