Use of modern technologies in promotion

Principal Investigator: doc. Ing. Petr JANEČEK, Ph.D.
Project Number:SGS-2015-023
Grant awarded by:ZČU


Proposed project will explore actual use and application of chosen modern technology in promotion. It follows the previous research project „SGS 2013-063 Opportunity and potential of use of modern technology in retail“. The research will be extended to examine promotion on the B2B markets. Research of B2B markets is currently often overlooked by research teams in the Czech Republic. Project consists of two basic fields of study, namely B2B and B2C markets. B2C market will be divided into research subareas; we will focus on use of modern technology in promotion in companies from service sector. Particularly we will examine such areas as tourism, retail and small and medium enterprises in general and other businesses which may emerge from literature review. Both parts of the research will be focused on both subjects of communication (communicator and communicant). Mixed research methods will be used, quantitative methods for the research of communicators and qualitative and quantitative methods for research of communicants.