The future of a rural area in the Czech Republic: Challenges, visions, development scenarios and adaptation strategies

Principal Investigator: doc. RNDr. Jiří JEŽEK, Ph.D.
Project Number:TL01000110
Grant awarded by:TA ČR


The project deals with the preparation of the Czech countryside for the future. Crucial attention is paid to issues of economic development and the possibilities of its public support (work and business opportunity, basic civic amenities). The goal of the project is to do the following within the space of three years (2018-2020): (1) analyze problems, development opportunities and investment needs of the countryside, (2) identify crucial factors, processes and challenges influencing its future, (3) propose scenarios for its future development, (4) specify adaptation strategies for managed future challenges (opportunities and challenges), and finally (5) formulate the fundaments of a new rural development policy after 2021 for the Czech Republic together with the application guarantor and other actors. The project is carried out in cooperation with the Department of Social Geography and Regional Development of the University of Ostrava.